If We Were Olympians…

Let’s face it, every time the Olympics come around we all wonder what event we could see ourselves in. So we now interrupt your regularly schedule rental blog post with a little winter Olympic day dreaming…

There is no shortage of action packed  sports to cheer on in these winter games, truly something for everyone. Each of us took a look and came up with the event that we could see ourselves taking home the gold in. We pictured ourselves in the moment, if you will 🙂

Melissa: Speed skating! I could really get in to the competitive drive and methodical moves that pushes these athletes to the top of the pack. 

Megan: Curling! A game of strategy and finesse.

Karen: Figure skating 🙂 I would jump and twirl like no other.

Debi: Ski Jumping! How fun does it look to soar through the air?!

Bella and Fen: Of course we had to have a little fun with our resident office assistants. These two would be the perfect match for a doubles luge team!

Be sure to catch all the Olympic action when the games kick off tomorrow night in PyeongChang!