Rentals Only has the largest selection of Short Term Summer properties to choose from, whether you are looking for a secluded log home in the woods or a world-class Golf getaway. Whatever your lodging preferences are, Rentals Only can accommodate you! Summer Short Term rentals by the weekend, week, month, or however long you’d like!

Schaller House | $1,250/Weekly


Byrne House | $1,470/Weekly


Seasons I34 | $1,640/Weekly


Parizo | $1,790/Weekly


Kingswood 26A QAW | $1,790/Weekly


Kingswood 19A | $1,790/Weekly


Kingswood 70A | $1,790/Weekly


Greenspring 75B | $1,790/Weekly


Greenspring 104A | $1,900/Weekly


Greenspring 100A | $1,900/Weekly


Bears Crossing 38 | $1,950/Weekly


Tzepos House | $1,950/Weekly


Shane House | $1080/Weekly


Greensprings 39C DSL | $1290/Weekly


Greenspring 39C DSL | $1740/Weekly


Kingswood 44A | $1790/Weekly


Greenspring 83A | $2,070/Weekly


Quail Run Inn Guest House | $2,550/Weekly


Quail Run Inn 10 BR | $4,950/Weekly


3G Fox Meadow | $610/Weekly


Snow Valley Condo 5E | $750/Weekly


Murphy | $770.00/Weekly


Snow Ridge A1 | $820/Weekly


Snow Mtn Village 234 | $820/Weekly


Manwiller House | $820/Weekly


Seasons A31 | $840/Weekly


Seasons F22 | $850/Weekly


Bears Crossing 7D Brumm’s Way | $920/Weekly


Handlewood 16C | $920/Weekly


Reid House | $970/Weekly


Greenspring 96B | 1290/Weekly